Our culture is moving at digital speeds.  To maintain a healthy sense of self and family, it is more important than ever to engage in technology with discernment. Whether we are gadgeteers and hacktivists, thriving in the social networking domain or simply putting up with it out of necessity, engaging in the digital domain brings a unique and unprecedented set of neuro-psychological, academic, social and relational variables - some wonderful and some concerning. 

      As parents, we must include in our responsibilities the introduction and guidance of our children towards adulthood within the digital domain. Our children are increasingly taught by the internet, the ‘digital teacher.’ Tech interaction offers many amazing opportunities, academic as well as social. But alongside their exposure to responsible and communal blog spaces of particular interest groups, they also encounter cruel, sarcastic and apathetic Facebook exchanges and a broad selection of developmentally inappropriate and sometimes damaging subject matters. Age-appropriate restrictions are an important start, but it is authentic relationship with our children that offers us trusted access to their minds and thus an ability to mediate the digital tsunami that continually washes over them.


      There are many different versions of healthy living in the digital age, whether you are the ultimate gadgeteer or a digital minimalist. My workshops focus on current psychological and neuro-psychological perspectives as well as analysis of the many different functions of technology in our lives. With awareness we gain confidence and the power of choice to intentionally create the kind of culture that will serve us in this digital world.

Workshops are flexibly designed for educators, clinicians, parents and (pre-)adolescents.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Some examples for Tech/Media centered workshop topics for your consideration:

Focus on Infant Development:

  • Baby “Genius”: How to create a healthy household for Infants and Toddlers

  • No screen time before 2 years old - why is that?

  • Tech and play: When is my kid ready for my iPad?


Focus on Toddlers and Kids:

  • “Do as I say, not as I do” - Identifying and breaking tech habits that may affect your child.

  • “Tech as utility, tech as co-parent” - finding the parental groove in the Digital Age

  • The neurological impacts of Tech - The bad, and also the good …

  • Cyber agendas: What kids learn from the web

  • How much screen time does my kid need to stay competitive?


Focus on Teens and Adolescents:

  • Introduction to “Netiquette” for parents: How to keep your child safe without alienating them

  • Limit setting in a world without limits: why it’s so important and how to do it without holding your child captive…

  • Creating an Internet Contract: It’s about the discussion, not about the signature!

  • The Texting Revolution: What parents need to know …

  • Tech/Media and Learning: How the Digital Domain influences, enriches and depletes the Learning process

  • Online Gaming: Pros and Cons parents should know …

  • Is my kid a Facebook addict?: A balanced consideration of Social Networking

  • I’m losing my child to a screen: Maintaining a relationship without pulling the plug completely


Focus on Adults:

  • How we turned over cultural engineering to our kids and forgot about the wisdom

  • Neurological and existential implications of the digital domain for adults


Focus on Teachers:

  • From Content to Pedagogy: the changing face of academia

  • Resiliency and Attunement for parents and teachers

  • The bidirectional learning model


Focus on Clinicians:

  • Relational and transpersonal implications of technological interaction

  • Neurological considerations of tech/media throughout the human life-cycle 

  • The digital age: A survey of technology as therapeutic utility & pathogenic fuel

  • Attachment perspectives on social networking, texting and the internet