Great Books

My Father Before Me by Michael Diamond, Ph.D. is a wonderful and thought provoking resource for fathers and fathers-to-be and offers a slice of Dr. Diamonds extensive experience on the matter. 

The Whole-Brain Child by Siegel and Bryson communicates multiple psychological perspectives and modern Neuro-Science in a very understandable and applicable way.

Mindsight by Daniel Siegel, Ph.D. is an amazing resource around the concept of mindfulness, offering clinical examples, neuro-scientific research detail  and practical ideas for your own practice of indfulness. 

The Big Disconnect by Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD. is an aboslutely amazing and insightful resource for every parent raising a child or adolescent of any age in the digital age.

Parental Control Resources

OpenDNS is a well known internet security / filtering company and it's FREE (at least their basic service which is quite potent and NOT just a gate for further purchases) !!! It is a little more involved than app store intalls, but powerful enough to merit hiring one of the computer nerds from the Community College down the street for an hour to help. Click the icon to get to their site with further explainations and click HERE for a well written 3rd party setup tutorial.

Common Sense Media : Choose the right Media for your Kids

The internet and other technological advances offer amazing possibilities, and I believe that thoughtful introduction and responsible exposure to media will set our children up for a bright future. Common Sense Media is a wonderful resource for parents who are committed to choosing age appropriate media, and to understanding what kind of impact media has on our children. In the midst of a market that often enough exploits a parent's commitment to "doing the right thing" by generalized and rigid rules and assumptions having little to do with each individual family's specific needs, Common Sense Media is a resource that offers thoughtful and realistic assistance.